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CMM &Digitizer and optical manufacturing GOM company

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The company section measurements using advanced computer technology and facilities had failed to measure many cases in various parts industry has been.

This section using the optical digitizer German manufacturing GOM companies the ability to measure simultaneously the parts are on back. This method does not mean a negative angle, and foam pieces such as cloud and other devices with hard or non-digitizer imaging as they are measured.

Accuracy of these devices5-80 in1700*1700*1700 the micron and millimeter scale with a camera is Resolution Pixel 1.4 M.

This ability to compare the dimensions (Inspection) piece made model or cloud points with the help of Geomagic software is.

Required to explain the software Rapid Form, Top Solid used primarily in the company (Orginal) of the mother companies (Inustech and Missler) has purchased and is valid Licence.

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