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Karsan Co. uses the latest technology world, and Mjrbtryn technical assistance and engineering and the latest machinery and equipment manufacturing country in Europe is proud to provide the following services industry to provide:

  1. Design Types of industrial molds and parts Proto Type
  2. CMM & Digitizer and optical manufacturing GOM company
  3. Three-dimensional modeling and design using software CAD/CAM
  4. Services using the CNC milling machines FS0, FS1 CME Spain, Germany Model 2005
  5. Speed, accuracy and quality and appropriate services Our main goal is to industry.
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Central office

Tehran, Saadat Abad St. 25, No. 28 Building, Borna, Unit 11, Floor 4
  • tel :+9821-88682925-7
  • fax:+9821-88693226